It’s an international affair!

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Check out this awesome video from last winter of poet Ken Arkind PUP’ing in the UK. We international, baby.

The Art of Risking.

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Risk is a topic artists often talk, discuss. When poets look over each others poems and give constructive thoughts, the question often comes: what is this poem risking? What do poets risk by making our private thoughts public? By committing experiences, afflictions, lies, and shames to paper? What do we risk to gain? What do we risk to know? What do we risk to change? What do we risk to reveal? What do we risk to risk? This risk business can become all very abstract. I believe that every poem is a risk of some sort. Even if the risk is spending precious time on something that sucks. We were five poets strong on this bustling Saturday in New York City. Any one of us could have been doing many other things. We risk time. I had to tear myself away from my novel, which was actually going well for once. I risk momentum. Joining us for the first time, Ngoma rolled out of bed and flew...

Goal!!! – A Celebration on the Q Train

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This past Saturday, PUP tried to get the day warmed up for the US soccer team. I like to think we did our part (as did the Q Train… and Ghana). Jared Singer, Adam Bowser, Elana Bell, Ken Arkind, Marcy Alexis, Rico Steal, Syreeta McFadden and I met (as always) at the Gandhi statue in Union Square. We escaped the summer heat to bring our ruckus to the Brooklyn bound Q train. I’ve got to say, something in spontaneous art has lit a fire for me. I’ve loved each location we’ve been able to “pop up.” Adam Falkner, Samantha Thornhill, and I were asked to pop at the “Hollywood Does Poetry” benefit for Bowery Arts & Science (which meant Adam & I got to shake Tony Soprano’s (James Gandolfini) hand, as he said, “I yain’t nevah seen nuttin’ like dat.” (I wanted to say “f’gedaboutit.”) PUP popped at an Emily Dickinson tribute reading at the Botanical Gardens. Adam Falkner, Eboni Hogan, and I...

Scenes from the Garden… PUP @ NY Botanical Gardens

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all photos by Syreeta...

See Pop Up Poets on Rattapallax.

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Follow the below link to see PUP in action! http://www.vimeo.com/12043875

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, a PUP Story by Syreeta McFadden

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Follow the below link to view writer/ photographer Syreeta McFadden’s photo essay on PUP’s May 16th adventure on the trains....

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