Scenes from the Garden… PUP @ NY Botanical Gardens

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all photos by Syreeta...

See Pop Up Poets on Rattapallax.

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Follow the below link to see PUP in action! http://www.vimeo.com/12043875

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, a PUP Story by Syreeta McFadden

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Follow the below link to view writer/ photographer Syreeta McFadden’s photo essay on PUP’s May 16th adventure on the trains....

PUP Barks at the Botanical Gardens by Elana Bell

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Poetry in the Botanical Garden, popping up like the first buds of spring, and that’s what we were on this balmy Saturday afternoon, as we joined Bob Holman and Marilyn Nelson in presenting the poetry of Emily Dickinson, along with original work. Bob had invited us to share his time and add a little something unexpected to the mix. We got there just as the reading was starting, and planted ourselves at various spots throughout the courtyard. The crowd was intimate, and the smell of too many sweet flowers to name drifted in on the breeze. But looking around at the subdued crowd, I knew they were not ready for what was about to come their way. Marilyn Nelson started the reading, presenting a group of Dickinson’s poems, along with several of her own which referred to Dickinson or touched on her themes. As the gentle applause died down, I looked over at Samantha with a twinkle...

Poems and a Metrocard by Marcy Alexis

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Photo by Syreeta McFadden   “What’s your Alien Registration number?” – EdAssaulted with poetry! Yes, that’s exactly how I’d like to spend my Sunday afternoon on such a breathtaking day in mid-May. The weather was a consistent warm hug. As a New Yorker, all you can do is talk about the weather on a day like yesterday.. all day! People were just happy to re-introduce their faces and toes to the sun. What a day indeed ..my first ride-along with PUP (Poets in Unexpected Places/Pop Up Poets). I was initially hesitant to join this band of poetic misfits, but knew I’d eventually be one of the pack. Especially after hearing the tales of train and supermarket mayhem from their first two adventures. My passion for poetry gets me in all sorts of predicaments! Samantha, Jon-Ivan, Adam, Ed, Jared, Darian, and Jeanann were my fellow Pop Ups ..as we did just that. Who will be next? What will...

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